Star Art is custom fine art created by V.Valore.  These personality portraits differ from traditional artwork in that they are unique to the individual they are created for... instead of portraits of one's outer appearance, these portraits speak of one's character and personality traits. Valore began Star Art as a service to celebrity personalities, then expanded this concept to the general public.

Humankind's first form of language was based on icons and images painted on cave walls and rocks. This universal language of symbols speaks of myths throughout human history.

Shamans, or artists, utilized the magic of symbols to elevate daily mundane rituals to a sacred level. This symbology is translated into a modern context by V.Valore.

Valore interviews clients through a process called "the Sandbox". Visual Examples

This interview leads to the final creation of the artwork itself.

The sandbox is a tool utilized for collecting personal data about the client. It is an interactive interview. The client chooses objects from a treasure chest and places them in a tray of sand. The objects chosen form a collage which is documented through photographs and text. The information collected is a personality profile. The process is fun, interactive, and informative. The self-exploration the client engages in becomes part of the process for the artwork itself.

V.Valore accesses her abilities as an established muralist and visual artist to translate the client's choices into fine works of art.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, these works of art differ individual to individual. Unique family trees of artwork may be collected by loved ones, and hanging together on a wall the pieces interrelate representing the personalities of those they were created for.  Birthdays, marriages, baby showers, and other personal events serve as a great way to document our memories in the form of Star Art.

The World Wide Web is a practical way to gain access to Star Art. Interviews can be performed online, and custom orders can be placed there as well. The fine art created from the interview process is handmade on papyrus. This type of natural paper was utilized thousands of years ago by Egyptians for recording word symbols.  Valore creates contemporary visions based on ancient traditions. Visual imagery was humankind's original language, and it still holds that universal appeal.