Game Instructions:
Pick your five favorite choices, go with yow gut impulse and you can choose again later. Use the scroll bar to review the objects at the bottom of the game board, and drop and drag your choices into the green boxes. Hit submit selection.

Passport Page:
Fill in your basic information; your name, date of birth (option on year showing) and what city you live in. Upload your photo. Add up to 200 words, such as your occupation and fun activities, hobbies. and interests. The icons on the left will change depending on your mood. Click on "view my journal".

Journal Page: Instructions
Identify objects you connect to for today. You can update your journal daily, weekly, or at whatever pace makes sense for you and what is going on in your life.

The more often you update, the more matches you will attract.

The key word search of your journal is how you will connect to the right people.

The trigger word and question provided for each symbol is to help you get started. The more often you play SBL, the more fluent you will become in this visual vocabulary.

We encourage you to write your own word of the day to match with each of your five objects. The more personalized your sentences are, the better chance you have of meeting new contacts, or even staying in touch with friends you already know to see what is going on in their lives.

The text you write will change depending on what is happening in your life, for example: you choose the lock, and the word obstacle - tomorrow that may not be a challenge.

Your successes also change, and the most important part is you and what you write.

The fun part is when you find people that picked a similar combination of icons and you find out why.

Crack the code, play the game, and most of all - have fun!